How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard in Kodi (EASY SETUP)

Install XBMC Hub Wizard in 5 minutes with this guide!  The XBMC Hub Wizard will install all the best TV addons onto XBMC / Kodi, such as Exodus, The Royal We, and Sportsdevil.  Many people will find that the Hub Wizard solves all their Kodi TV Addon needs, however some others may find that it installs too many addons.  If that’s the case, install your addons individually with our Video tutorial!  Warning for parents:  The XBMC Hub Wizard may contain Adult TV Addons which provide XXX / Adult content.

Install XBMC Hub Wizard!

How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard

  • Launch Kodi
  • In the Kodi dashboard, go to System > File Manager
  • Choose Add Source
  • Select <NONE> and enter
  • Choose Done
  • Click the empty box below Enter a name for this media source
  • Enter a name for the source (any name) and hit Done (we named it “f” for fusion)
  • Return to the home screen of the Kodi dashboard
  • Select System > Settings
  • Choose Addons
  • Select Install from Zip
  • Select the source whose name you entered in the steps above (we used “f”)
  • Choose START HERE
  • Select the file and choose OK
  • Go back to the Kodi home screen
  • Go to PROGRAMS
  • Select Config Wizard (Note: On Android devices you’ll need to go to Program Add-Ons, then Config Wizard)
  • You’ll see a welcome message – let it play (you may need to close the welcome message to proceed)
  • Choose your Operating System (for Fire TV / Firestick, choose ANDROID!)
  • At this point, the XBMC Hub Wizard will install onto XBMC / Kodi!
  • Once it’s done, re-launch Kodi.
  • From Kodi’s dashboard, you can now launch individual TV Addons by going to VIDEOS > Add-Ons, then select an Addon (such as Exodus, for example).  Stream on!

List of TV Addons Available in XBMC Hub Wizard

Other Ways to Install TV Addons

Install Addon Installer to add individual TV Addons to your Kodi / XBMC installation, so you don’t have all the clutter that is produced by the XBMC Hub Wizard.

List of Useful XBMC Hub Wizard Links

XBMC Hub is Also Referred to As..


After you install XBMC Hub Wizard, make sure to check out the best TV addons to see which one is best for you!  And subscribe to the KFire YouTube Channel to get notified of sweet tech gear Giveaways (every week)!

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