Sideload Kodi on Firestick (Install WITHOUT ES File Explorer)

This UPDATED tutorial shows you how to Sideload Kodi to Fire Stick or Fire TV in less than 5 minutes.  To summarize this process as simply as possible, we install a sideloader app onto an Android device – then use the sideloader app to transfer (or “sideload”) Kodi to our FireStick.  It’s easy!  And if you have trouble, there’s a newer way to install Kodi on FireStick (2017 Method) that requires no Android phone / tablet at all.  So if you still would like to try to sideload Kodi to your FireStick, continue reading.  If you’d like to skip to the faster, easier method that requires no Androids, watch our How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick 2017 YouTube video.

How to Sideload Kodi to Firestick:

Sideloading Kodi is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to install Kodi on Fire Stick & Fire TV.  Use the steps below to Sideload Kodi or any other Android app to Fire TV or FireStick.  Or watch the KFire TV YouTube video tutorial on How to Install Kodi with a Sideloader App (at the top of this post) , such as Apps2Fire or AGK Fire (I personally prefer Apps2Fire – link below – because it’s easier to find!):

  • On your Android phone, install Kodi from the Google Play Store.
  • Install Apps2Fire or AGKFire from the Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Get your Firestick’s IP address, add it to Apps2Fire or AGKFire under “SETUP”
  • Go to the LOCAL APPS tab of Apps2Fire, find Kodi, press it, then press INSTALL.
  • Kodi will transfer, or install, or “sideload” to your Firestick.
  • Then just find Kodi in your Firestick’s Apps list and launch Kodi on your FireStick!
  • Then install TV Addons, secure your streaming connection, and play Mario Kart 64 on your Fire TV.

Problems?  If sideloading Kodi gives you trouble, try the Install Kodi on FireStick 2017 Method, try the older Install Kodi on FireStick with ES File Explorer method, or use ADBLink (see our guide on Installing Kodi on Firestick with ADBLink for PC/Mac/Linux).

How to Install TV Addons After Installing Kodi:

Questions?  Ask in the comments below.

Can I Sideload Kodi to Other Devices?

Yes!  You can sideload Kodi to just about any Android device.  This includes Android TV Boxes, Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick and many other Android devices.  So have fun and sideload apps to all of your Android devices!  We recommend that you sideload a “Cleaner” app to clean up your FireStick.  Or check out our Fire Stick Optimization guide.

Wrap Up

If you have a problem sideloading Kodi, ask on the KFire TV YouTube channel, or search for “install Kodi” in the search box on the KFire home page.

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Cheers -Ian


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