Memory Card Giveaway: Samsung 32GB Micro SD Card + Reader (48MB/s EVO)

Win this Memory Card Giveaway to pocket a sweet Samsung 32GB Micro SD Card!

Memory Card Giveaway

For the week of 1/3/2017 to 1/10/2017, we have our first Memory Card Giveaway here at KFire TV!  Enter here.  We’re having perpetual weekly giveaways now, so there will always be a giveaway here for you to win.  So Enter the Giveaway (for free) to win a Samsung 32GB Micro SD Card, which is perfect for all kinds of devices.  Psst.. Subscribe to KFire on YouTube to get notified of more giveaways.  To Enter the Giveaway, simply go to our Amazon-hosted giveaway page.  Then log in to your Amazon account and click Enter the Giveaway!  The full contest / sweepstakes details are explained on Amazon, but basically we give away 1 Memory Card this week to a lucky (random) winner chosen by Amazon.  Winner is notified by Amazon via email and has only a few days to claim their prize after the prize is won!  Good luck and enjoy your new memory card ;)

Samsung 32GB Micro SD Card Specs

  • Package contains 1 Samsung 32GB Micro SD card and 1 Adapter
  • Up to 48MegaBytes/second transfer speed
  • Compatible with with Smartphones (iOS and Android), Tablets, PCs, GoPro’s, SJ4000 (Knockoff GoPro) and more.
  • High-performance read and write speeds of up to 48MB/second for full Hi-Def video recording, hi-res photos, gaming, music and more.
  • Water-resistant, temperature-resistant, magnet-proof
  • Limited Warranty of 10 years
  • 32GB is roughly enough storage for 5,000 HD photos or 30 hours of HD Movies

Samsung 32GB Micro SD Card Compatibility

  • Tablets
  • Smart phones
  • Android TV Box
  • GoPro, SJ4000 and other sports / HD action cams that support external Micro SD
  • PC

Wrap Up

Enter the Giveaway!  If you’re reading this after the giveaway has ended, see what else we have at the KFire official website.  Also subscribe to the KFire YouTube Channel so you don’t miss new videos!

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