Kodi Operating System List

Kodi operating system list

Kodi platform list

Kodi can run on several operating systems (or “platforms”).  Windows is possibly the most common platform on which to install Kodi.  However, as with FireTV, Kodi can be installed on many platforms to create a great HTPC – even Linux and some old Apple TVs!  So browse our list of Kodi-compatible operating systems below and fire it up.

Kodi Operating System List

  • Windows:  Even old PCs can run Kodi.  You may need a decent graphics card in the PC to play 1080p content, but I’ve successfully played 720p content on a dinosaur of an old PC.
  • Linux:  Yes – Kodi runs on Linux just fine and serves as a great low-cost HTPC.  As with Windows, old Linux boxes can run Kodi too.  Linux is the second most popular Kodi operating system.
  • Mac OS X:  Mac lovers can enjoy Kodi on their Macbooks or other devices running Mac OS X.
  • Android:  Put Kodi on just about any Android device!
  • Kodibuntu:  Kodibuntu is a version of Ubuntu created specifically to be a streamlined Kodi operating system.
  • iOS (jailbroken):  First and second generation Apple TVs can be jailbroken for you to install Kodi.
  • Raspberry Pi:  Kodi is available for Raspberry Pi single-board-computers (SBCs) as well.
  • Other Devices:  BSD, Freescale IMX 6, Chromebox, Boxee Box, Nvidia Shield Android TV, OUYA, WeTek Play, ODROID, and Cubox-i.

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