Kodi Fire Stick FAQ

Kodi Fire Stick FAQ

This Kodi Fire Stick FAQ is a great guide to answer your FireStick questions.  The FireStick is an amazing home theater PC disguised as an innocent little Amazon box.

Kodi Fire Stick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Kodi Fire Stick delivers 1080p content

Kodi Fire Stick for Streaming Media

With no hacking, we can add some amazing (free) software to the Kodi Fire Stick.  For example, we can add TVMC (which is just the Kodi app + TVAddons) for great streaming content.  We can also add SNES9x and play some sweet Snessss games from back in the day.  At $39, the Kodi Fire Stick is a formidable media machine.

Kodi Fire Stick FAQ:

  1. Can I play emulators on Kodi Fire Stick?
    1. Yes. This is how to install emulators on FireStick
  2. Can I play non-Amazon apps on Kodi Fire Stick (aka “unsigned Android apps”)?
    1. Yes. Use our KodiFireTVStick.com guide.
  3. Can I put Kodi on FireStick?
    1. Yes. This is how.
  4. Can I use a USB controller / gamepad with Kodi Fire Stick?
    1. No.  FireTV Stick has no USB port.  Only regular FireTV does.
  5. How do I Install Kodi on Fire TV Stick?
    1. Follow our guide!
  6. Which game controllers work with Kodi Fire Stick?
    1. See our list of compatible Fire TV game controllers.
  7. Can I use multiple controllers for multiplayer mode in Fire TV Emulators?
    1. Yes – I tested this.  But it took 2 OUYA controllers.  These worked great – easy pairing.  The controllers have 4 lights which I thought indicated the player number.  The “#1” position light was steady on both controllers, even though it was working great with the emulator as 2 independent players (I played 2-player Super Mario Kart, in fact).  The indicator light on the OUYA controller therefore must indicate the player position in respect to the FireTV – not the emulator (which makes sense).  So yes, you can play 2-play emulators on FireStick by getting 2 OUYA controllers!
  8. Where can I get a Kodi Fire TV Stick?
    1. Get a stock Fire TV Stick and install Kodi on FireStick yourself.
  9. How do I add a Kodi shortcut to the Fire TV Stick homescreen?
    1. Follow our guide! (Coming soon)
  10. How do I install an alternative launcher on Fire TV Stick?
    1. Follow sideloadFireTV’s guide!
  11. How do I install third party apps onto Fire TV Stick? (aka Sideload)
    1. Sideload apps to Kodi
  12. What can Kodi Fire Stick do?
    1. Lots:  Run Kodi, third party apps, emulators, browse the web with Firefox, etc.  Just about anything you can do with an Android tablet, since that’s what Fire TV Stick is:  an Android tablet without a screen.
  13. What are some good resources for more info like the stuff found here at the Kodi Fire Stick FAQ?
    1. Reddit, sideloadFireTV.com, etc.

What apps are compatible with Kodi Fire Stick?

Best Uses for Your FireTV

  1. Install Kodi on Your FireTV for streaming TV & movies.
  2. Use it as a retro gaming system and install RetroArch.  RetroArch gives us an emulator for every gaming console we could ever want, including the big boys like SNES, N64, Sega, and MAME.
  3. Get an OUYA Bluetooth controller and play some games with it.  The OUYA controller connects to the FireStick easily and has pre-made button layouts for many emulators.
  4. Pandora and other great Android apps.  Yes – you can install many Android apps on FireTV that aren’t necessarily “Amazon”-certified.

Have a question about Kodi & FireTV that wasn’t covered here?  Ask on Reddit!  Reddit has at least one decent subreddit on FireStick / FireTV.

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