Kodi Auto Start How-To Guide


This guide shows you how to set up Kodi Auto Start to launch your preferred TV Addon when Kodi starts.  To do this, we use the AddOn Installer to install the Kodi Maintenance Tool.  We then use the Kodi Maintenance Tool to set up Kodi Auto Start.  Also see our Video Tutorial of this same guide.

Kodi Auto Start

  • Launch Kodi
  • In Kodi, go to File Manager just below SYSTEM in the main Kodi menu
  • Click Add Source
  • Select the box that says <NONE>
  • Enter http://fusion.tvaddons.ag in the box
  • Click DONE
  • Select the box just below “Enter a name for this media source
  • Enter a name, such as as “fusion”
  • Click DONE
  • Return to the Kodi main dashboard menu (aka “home screen“)
  • Go to SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  • Select “Install from Zip File
  • Choose the new source you added (“fusion”)
  • Select “start-here
  • Choose the “plugin.program.addoninstaller.x.y.zip” file
  • Wait a minute for Kodi to install the Add-On Installer
  • You will see a notification in the Kodi dashboard telling you the AddOn installer has been Enabled
  • Return to Kodi’s home screen
  • Go to PROGRAMS
  • Select Addon Installer
  • After the AddOn Installer launches, select PROGRAM Add-Ons from the AddOn Installer’s main menu
  • Click NEXT to advance to the second page of the Program Add-Ons listing
  • Again, click NEXT to advance to the third page of the listing
  • Select Maintenance Tool from the list
  • Click Install Maintenance Tool
  • Make sure to click Install to proceed with the installation
  • Kodi will pop up a notification when the Maintenance Tool install is complete, saying “Your selection has been installed
  • After you see the notification, click OK, then go back to Kodi’s home screen
  • Select PROGRAMS
  • You may need to press “..” in Kodi to go up a level, until you see your list of Installed PROGRAM Add-Ons with the Maintenance Tool in the list
  • Click on Maintenance Tool
  • After the Maintenance Tool launches, select System Tweaks
  • Click Auto Start Addons
  • Select Enable
  • Choose the Add-On you would like to Auto Start when Kodi launches
  • Re-boot your device to finish the setup process
  • Kodi will now Auto Start into the TV Addon you selected

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