Install Kodi iPad: Install Kodi on Jailbroken iPad

This guide shows you how to do perform the Install Kodi iPad process.  First off, we need to clarify that your iPad must be jailbroken to run Kodi – so if you don’t want to jailbreak your iPad then the alternative is to use a non-iPad device to run Kodi; we show you how to do that, too.  In the “olden days” of Kodi, we were able to use an iPad to install Kodi on FireStick or Fire TV.  That’s not longer available – but don’t fear!  There’s an even easier way to install Kodi on FireStick, so continue reading to find out how:

Install Kodi iPad

  • On your jailbroken iPad, press the Cydia button, which is located on your home screen.
  • Go to Sources, then Edit, then Add
  • Enter
  • Press the “teamKodi” source.
  • Now press on ‘All Packages‘.
  • Then press ‘Kodi-iOS‘.
  • Now press install
  • Then press Confirm.
  • Wait for Kodi to install
  • Now close Cydia
  • You will now see Kodi on your iPad’s homescreen
  • If you need the link for the Kodi “.deb” file to manually install Kodi on iPad with iFile, here’s the link:

How to Install Kodi on FireStick with iPhone or iPad

The app that formerly allowed us to use an iOS device to install Kodi on FireStick is no longer available.  So instead we use the new and improved Install Kodi on FireStick 2017 version, which is easier and just as tasty!

  • Since the “Sideloader for iOS” app is no longer available in the iTunes store, to perform the Install Kodi on FireStick process with iPad we must now use a different (easier) method: Install Kodi on FireStick 2017 Method.
  • To perform the Install Kodi on Fire Stick process which requires no iPad and no other devices at all, see our Install Kodi on FireStick 2017 tutorial video (on the KFire YouTube Channel).

Why Can’t iPad Run Kodi Without the iPad Being Jailbroken?

iPad can’t run Kodi unless the iPad is jailbroken because of the following reason:

  • To Jailbreak iPad means to enable Apps From Unknown Sources (as it’s called in the Android world).  So basically if your iPad / iPhone / iOS device isn’t jailbroken, the iOS operating system does not allow the Kodi app to be installed.

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Wrap Up

If you have questions, ask us on the KFire YouTube Channel.

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