How to Install Kodi on Android (QUICK INSTALL)

This guide walks you through how to install Kodi Android version .  This works on both newer Android devices and older Android devices.

Install Kodi Android

  1. Find Kodi in the Google Play store
  2. Download & Install it from the Google Play store
  3. Launch Kodi by going to Apps > Kodi
  4. (Recommended, but Optional) Install TVAddons

How to Install TVAddons for Kodi

To install TVAddons for Kodi, you basically use something called the Config Wizard (to install ALL addons at once) after you install Kodi Android – or you can use the AddOn Installer (to install addons individually).

What Are TVAddons?

TV Addons are plugins for Kodi that allow you to watch streaming movies and TV shows, as well as live world-wide cams and various other types of media.  TV Addons for Kodi is something we strongly recommend you install.

Kodi Builds

Another great thing the Kodi community has created are Kodi Builds.  Kodi builds are pre-packaged configurations of Kodi that can be installed onto your Kodi very easily.

Install Skins on Kodi

If you’d like to change the look & feel of Kodi, go to the SYSTEM area, then look for “Skins” or “Appearance”.  Click on “Skins” or “Appearance”, then choose a different Kodi theme to be a top-rankin’ Kodi-user, mon.

Here’s our Video on How to Install TVAddons for Kodi:

What’s On Kodi?

Check for that. is a Streaming TV Guide made just for Kodi & Netflix.

Does Kodi Work on Android?

Kodi works extremely well on Android, which is great because about half of smartphone owners are Androids.  So there’s roughly a 50/50 chance you have an Android or iPhone.  So if you have an Android, it’s EASY to Install Kodi.  It’s in the Google Play Store.

Use your Android version of Kodi to play streams, all kinds of media, and see what’s on Kodi & other TVAddons!


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