Here’s how to install Exodus from Cazwall Repo (aka Simply Caz Repository), which contains many many TV Addons like Exodus, Elysium, and Evolve.

  • See screenshots with a complete list of all Kodi plugins in the Cazwall Repo at the bottom of this tutorial.
  • Also check out our guide on How to Install NoobsAndNerds Repo.

Special thanks to Kirt for the tip-off and to the people who work hard to create TVAddons & Kodi.  Without them, we wouldn’t have these great Kodi addon repositories like the Cazwall Repository.

Cazwall Repo contains a large number of Kodi plugins (scroll down to the bottom to see the list).  Below the install tutorial, you will find a list of some of the best Kodi addons you can install with the Simply Caz Repo.  Here’s how to install the Simply Caz Repo so you can install Exodus on Firestick (or any other available TVAddon on any Kodi device):

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How to Install Exodus using Cazwall Repo

  1. From the main Kodi homescreen, go to System.  In Kodi 17, this is the “gear” icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Then select File Manager
  3. Now select “Add Source
  4. Then select the box that says “None
  5. Enter the address
  6. Then click “DONE
  7. Now select “Enter a name for this media source”
  8. Enter any unique name you will be able to easily identify, such as “.kfiretv” (Enter it without the quotes.  The “.” makes the new source easier to find by putting the new source at the top of the list in the following steps).
  9. Return to the Kodi homescreen
  10. Now go to Add-Ons from the main Kodi homescreen
  11. Then select the Package Installer icon (the little icon that looks like a Package in the top left corner)
  12. Select “Install from Zip file
  13. Then select the new source you added, “.kfiretv”.
  14. Now select the menu item that includes the text “(CLICK HERE)”
  15. Then choose “
  16. Wait for Kodi to display the “Enabled” notification
  17. After the notification appears, select “Install from Repository
  18. Then select “Simply Caz Repo“.  After that, choose “Video Add Ons“, then select “Exodus“, “Elysium”, “Evolve”, or any other TV Addon.
  19. Finally, press Install to finish installing Exodus from Cazwall Repo.
  20. Wait a minute or two for Exodus and all of its support files to install completely.
  21. Then return to the Kodi home screen, find Exodus in the “Add-Ons” menu, and select the Exodus icon to launch Exodus in Kodi!

Here’s the YouTube video tutorial on How to Install Simply Caz Repo in Kodi:

List of TV Addons in Simply Caz Repo

  • 1Channel
  • Zen
  • Simply Caz TV
  • Simply Caz Wizard
  • Ares TV Addons
  • Castaway
  • cCloud TV
  • Channel PEAR
  • Elysium
  • Evolve
  • Exodus
  • IceFilms
  • IPTV Stalker PLUS
  • IPTV Subs
  • Specto Fork
  • Spinz TV Pro
  • Sports Angel
  • SportsAccess
  • SportsDevil
  • Stallion IPTV
  • SALTS (Stream All the Sources)
  • Supremacy
  • UK Turk’s Playlist
  • UKTV Again
  • Ultimate IPTV
  • Ultra IPTV
  • + many more

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