FreeTelly Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FreeTelly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will help answer some of the mysteries about FreeTelly. FreeTelly is a great new way to setup a custom version of Kodi (preconfigured for streaming!).  Although, as with any new software, some people have issues.  This page is for those people:  people who have questions about FreeTelly or issues installing FreeTelly.

This page is intended as a supplement to any documentation found on the TVAddons official site.

FreeTelly Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I install FreeTelly on Firestick?

A:  Technically, no, because FreeTelly is a release of Kodi made for Windows & Mac.  Although FreeTelly is essentially just Kodi + TV Addons.  So you can get the same operation of FreeTelly – just install Kodi on Fire stick, then install TV Addons in Kodi.  It’s possible the Kodi team may at some point release a version of FreeTelly for Firestick.   But this hasn’t happened yet.  There was once something like this called TVMC ;)

Q: Can I Install FreeTelly on Android?

A:  Once again, technically no you can’t install FreeTelly on Android.  Because FreeTelly is a Windows / Mac application.  But you can easily install Kodi on Android – then just install TV Addons in Kodi.

Q:  Why won’t FreeTelly launch?

A:  Try uninstalling it and re-intalling it as adminitrator, then launch it as administrator also.

Q:  How do I install FreeTelly?

A:  Use our easy Install FreeTelly video guide!

Q: What’s the difference between FreeTelly and Kodi?

A:  Kodi has no TV Addons pre-configured.  FreeTelly has a TV Addon installation wizard that’s downloadable from within FreeTelly, which simplifies the TV Addon installation process for you!

Q:  How many TVAddons are included with FreeTelly?

A:  Many.

Q:  How easy is it to set up FreeTelly?

A:  Very easy.  Piece of cake.


Wrap Up

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