Exodus Unblock Kodi Guide: UNBLOCK the EASY Way

How to Unblock Exodus for Kodi

Exodus is one of the best TVAddons for Kodi (possibly THE best TV Addon), but is unfortunately blocked for many individuals.  Residents of the UK (United Kingdom) commonly are blocked out of Exodus for Kodi.  This Exodus Unblock Kodi tutorial will remedy blocked TV addons.

If you’re in the UK or US and want to unblock Exodus, the solution is quite simple: Use IPVanish to unblock Exodus and other TV addons.

Follow this step-by-step Exodus unblock Kodi guide to enable all TVAddons.

What’s a VPN and How Will it Unblock Exodus?

Exodus Unblock Kodi Guide to enable all addons!

Use IPVanish to Unblock Exodus for Kodi

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network.  VPNs will unblock restricted addons by tunneling your traffic through their network of secure servers.  You can choose which server from which country you’d like to use.  For example, if you’re in the UK and you want to unblock Exodus, use IPVanish to tunnel your traffic through a U.S. server.

This way, none of your Kodi addons are blocked.  As icing on the cake, your traffic is made completely private from prying eyes (big gov, and your ISP).  On top of that, by using IPVanish as your Exodus unblock Kodi solution, you’ll be free from any bandwidth throttling your ISP may force upon you.

What’s the Best VPN for this Exodus Unblock Kodi method in the UK (and all other countries)?

IPVanish is the most secure, fastest VPN with the most servers throughout the world.  In fact, IPVanish just added over 20 more servers to their network of hundreds of existing servers, so you have the widest selection of servers to unblock Exodus and other TVAddons.

The difference: IPVanish is different from other VPN services in several ways, but my favorite feature of IPVanish is their NO-LOGGING policy, so I know they don’t keep logs of my activity that could get me in trouble.

How Do I Unblock Exodus in Kodi with IPVanish?

After you sign up for IPVanish, you’ll need to utilize the IPVanish service by setting it up on your device:

  • For Android devices (TV boxes, smartphones, etc) there’s an IPVanish official app in the Google Play Store.  Download this app to your Android device, install & launch it, then sign in to your IPVanish account.  Then your traffic will be re-routed through whichever server you choose in the IPVanish app.
  • For other devices like Firestick & FireTV, there’s a router quick-setup guide to tunnel all your Internet traffic through IPVanish.

Online privacy quiz (5 points, from KFireTV Admin)

Q: True or False - Your IP Address is:

A: Not sure? Find out here. If you didn't know the answer, then your online identity is at risk - and you should immediately protect yourself with a Secure VPN. This will also unblock Kodi add-ons and International TV channels, enable anonymous surfing, automate data encryption, and prevent third-party data snooping.

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Cheers -Ian

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