Category: Linux

In this section you’ll find our Linux tutorials and videos.  We show you how to install this great (free!) Operating System on various devices, as well as how to boot your PC up into Linux without actually having to install it first.

One example of a great LinuxOS app is GIMP, which is a free cross-platform Photoshop clone that runs on Mac and Windows, as well.  There are also at least a few major freeware clones of Microsoft Office, such as LibreOffice.

These days you can run Linux without even installing it; this is called a “Live boot” and is very common and easy to do.  Simply install Ubuntu to a USB thumb drive, plug it into your PC or laptop, and follow the on-screen instructions to have your PC boot up into Linux instead of your normal operating system.

If this operating system isn’t your thing, we also have plenty of guides on Windows, Mac, Fire OS, and even Tizen OS.