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These Android tutorials will take your smartphone to the next level.  Unleash the power of your tablet and smartphone with these Android OS video tutorials & written guides.  Fix a slow smartphone and uninstall all your unnecessary apps with our super-easy walk-throughs.

Why Android?  This is why:

AndroidOS dominates much of the smartphone world.  They also took control of the set-top box landscape (like streaming TV boxes) and tablets.  So the guides below are essential to unleash your Android‘s capabilities.

From Gingerbread to Nougat, KFireTV has the droid tutorials to get your phone running smoothly.

  • See how to install Kodi on smartphones & tablets.
  • Alternatively, check out our Amazon FireStick tutorials.  Those tutorials show you how to turn a $40 Fire TV Stick into a full-featured media center.
  • We also have app tutorials (like ShowBox).  Our app tutorials show you how to install Kodi-alternative apps on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Last but not least, we even have cross-platform app tutorials, like this Chrome Install tutorial.

TVAddons for your Smartphone

Or install TVAddons on Android smartphones with our streaming TV Addon tutorials in this category (below):