Cannot Download OBB Kodi Error Explained & SOLVED

Many users get the “Cannot download obb” error after installing Kodi.

Try this:  When I had this error, I hit OK, re-launched Kodi, and the second time I launched it – it worked.  I didnt’ receive the “Cannot download OBB” error, and Kodi continued to launch fully and successfully.  So try this!  Don’t just give up after you get the Cannot download OBB error once.  If you launch Kodi a second time and still get the OBB error message, then try the other fixes below:

How to Fix Cannot Download OBB in Kodi

If you tried launching Kodi again and it says Cannot download obb repeatedly, try these other solutions:

Android Cannot Download OBB error fix: Re-install Kodi

Getting the Cannot Download OBB Error? Re-Install Kodi!

Explanation of Cannot Download OBB Error

From the research I did (scouring the Kodi forums), I found out a few key pieces of info about the Cannot download obb error:

  1. This is an ANDROID-related error.  Not a Kodi error.
    1. Why?  Because Android apps over 50MB are split up into multiple files (within the APK file – the APK file is similar to a zip file).  So the OBB file acts as the “overage”, essentially, so the 59MB Kodi APK file more-or-less contains a 50MB file and a 9MB file.  The “Cannot download OBB” error may indicate that all of the Kodi files may not have fully installed to your Firestick / Fire TV.  To try to fix this, reinstall Kodi.
  2. Users who install Kodi on Firestick / Fire TV using the ANDROID Sideload method experience the Cannot download OBB error much less than users who install it another way (Sideload using iPhone, for example).  To see if this is the case in your situation, uninstall Kodi and re-install Kodi using a friend’s Android phone.


KFireTV Wrap-Up

If you continue to see the “Cannot download OBB” error after trying the fixes above, let us know in the comments and check the comments on the KFireTV YouTube channel.

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Cheers -Ian


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