How to Install Android VPN for Total Security & Online Privacy

This quick walkthrough shows you the easy way to set up Android VPN.  Sign up for VPN service here ($5/mo). To make this as simple as possible, we use an Android app to access our VPN.  The steps below show you the whole process, from start to finish:

Android VPN

  • From your Android phone, open Google Play Store
  • Once you’re in Google Play Store, search for “ipvanish”
  • When the search results appear, select IPVanish VPN
  • Press INSTALL and wait for the app to download & install
  • After the Android VPN app installs, Select OPEN
  • Enter your VPN username and password (sign up here, 60% off)
  • Choose a server from the list of VPN servers on-screen to connect to the VPN server
  • After the IPVanish VPN app says you’re connected to the server, proceed.
  • You are now connected to the VPN.  Your browsing will be anonymous, your information is encrypted, and you can access blocked movies & websites.
  • At this point, your browsing will be unblocked.  Geoblocked apps and sites are now available to you, as well as the prevention of bandwidth throttling.  If you install Kodi, you’ll be able to watch Kodi TV & Movie streams without restrictions as well.

Android VPN No-App Setup

While it is possible to setup VPN on Android without an app by using Android OS’s built-in VPN functionality, we strongly recommend against it.  This is because third-party apps like the IPVanish app are better at serving an individual purpose – in this case, enabling a VPN – than stock Android apps.  If you feel the need to use the stock Android VPN setup, use the steps below to setup Android VPN:

  • In your Android phone, go to Settings (this is the GEAR icon when you drag down from the top of the screen)
  • Find the VPN area of the Android Settings screen
  • In the VPN settings area, add your VPN info.

Wrap Up

Have questions about getting your VPN setup on Android?  Ask on the KFire YouTube Channel.

Online privacy quiz (5 points, from KFireTV Admin)

Q: True or False - Your IP Address is:

A: Not sure? Find out here. If you didn't know the answer, then your online identity is at risk - and you should immediately protect yourself with a Secure VPN. This will also unblock Kodi add-ons and International TV channels, enable anonymous surfing, automate data encryption, and prevent third-party data snooping.

P.S. Take 60% off (for KFireTV visitors only).

Cheers -Ian

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