Alexa Music: Get Pandora, Spotify, and Even YouTube Music to Play

Here are all of the options we have to stream Alexa Music so we can rock out with our Echo Dots out.  Yes, you can play Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn using Alexa’s built-in voice commands.  But did you know you can add an Android phone to Alexa via Bluetooth and play music through your phone to have Alexa YouTube voice control?  Read on to see how.

Alexa Music

  • Alexa uses Amazon Music as its “go-to” music service when you ask Alexa to play a particular song.  This is fine if you already have an Amazon Music account, but most people don’t!  So, here are a few ways to deal with the fact that Alexa prefers to use Amazon Music when you tell her to play a single song: 1) Pay for an Amazon Music subscription for $10/month, or 2) Connect your phone to Alexa via Bluetooth and play songs from your phone using YouTube or another music service, or 3) Go to the Settings in the Alexa App and switch the default music app from Amazon Music to Spotify.
  • Pandora works very well with Alexa, and is extremely easy to use with Alexa voice commands.  To play Pandora with Alexa, just set up log into your Pandora account using the Alexa app.  Then say “Alexa, play my <Station Name> station on Pandora.”
  • Spotify is another streaming Alexa music service that many people will find easy to use with voice commands
  • TuneIn can be controlled with voice commands, and provides the closest thing to “actual radio stations” for satisfying your Alexa music craving.  This is my personal favorite music service for Alexa, because the ads are limited in their frequency and the music stations seem to be of high-quality tune selection.  For example, the Roots Reggae station on TuneIn plays a great selection of songs.
  • YouTube is not directly supported by Alexa, but you can get Alexa YouTube play and search functions if you simply connect a phone or tablet to the Echo Dot via Bluetooth, then use Google’s voice recognition to search YouTube and/or play music from your phone.

Wrap Up

Have any suggestions about better ways to play music on Alexa or any online music streaming services we missed?  Let us know on the KFire YouTube channel!

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