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Posted by on Sep 10, 2016 in How To, Install Guides, Kodi, Kodi Fire TV News, Tech, XBMC | 0 comments

XBMC | Install on PC & Original Xbox + HOW-TO Guide

XBMC | Install on PC & Original Xbox + HOW-TO Guide

XBMC is the predecessor to Kodi.  You can still install XBMC on PC and the Original Xbox.

Fact:  When the original Xbox came out, I got one and installed XBMC on it.  At the time, XBMC allowed the Xbox to play your own video files, “game backups”, and several other things.

XBMC Still Exists for (Original) Xbox and PC!

XBMC Gotham

XBMC Gotham (Splash Screen)

You can still download and install XBMC on Xbox.  In fact, some developers have made it possible for some Kodi addons to work on XBMC!  So, effectively, we have XBMC Addons (XBMC TV Addons, to be exact).  So dig out that old Xbox and put XBMC on it (intructions, product links and download links below).

  • There’s an installer for the Xbox called Addons4Xbox, which allow many Kodi plugins to work on XBMC right outta the box!

Evolution of XBMC into Kodi

Since the days of the original Xbox, XBMC has also branched off (“evolved”, if you will) into a full-featured media center.

Kodi: XBMC All Grown Up

Kodi is simply years of continued advancement on the wonderful XBMC platform.  With the development and mass adoption of streaming video, Kodi has kept up with the industry and integrated streaming video support into its set of streaming capabilities.

Q:  Can you tell the difference between the XBMC dashboard and the Kodi dashboard in the screenshots below?

Kodi vs. XBMC

What’s the difference between Kodi and XBMC?

Most likely, you just want Kodi.  Here’s the breakdown if you need help deciding if you need Kodi or XBMC:

  • If you want an amazing video platform that is supported on most device types, go with Kodi.
  • If you want the “old” XBMC platform like we used back in the early 2000’s, keep reading on how to download and install XBMC on Xbox.

How to Install XBMC on Xbox

XBMC Logo (Green & White)


Yes, you can still install XBMC on Xbox!  I wish I still had my original Xbox with XBMC on it.

To install XBMC on Xbox, you just need three things:

  1. An original Xbox
  2. Your Xbox must be MODDED
  3. The XBMC software
    • The XBMC software has actually been somewhat maintained since it split off into Kodi.
    • The latest name of the XBMC software goes by the name XBMC4Xbox.  Download it below.

Here’s how to get those 3 things:

1. Get an Original Xbox or a Modded Xbox

Amazon sells original Xbox‘s starting at about $43.

Pro Tip:  Or get a pre-modded Xbox for $90 from Amazon.  If you use this option (highly recommended), you can skip that pesky Step 2 (below) and go directly to Step 3 below.

2. Mod your Xbox

This guide will show you how to mod your Xbox.

3. Download XBMC for Xbox (“XBMC4Xbox”)

If you want to download XBMC, you might spend some time looking because Microsoft doesn’t like it.

OR, you could click the link below to Download XMBC for Xbox:

XBMC Download

XBMC 4 Xbox Official Site & Wiki Page

Install XBMC on Xbox

To install XBMC on Xbox, follow the XBMC4Xbox download instructions, which essentially say to:


Install XBMC on PC

If you’re looking to install XBMC on PC, it’s pretty easy!  You basically launch the installer, let it finish, and then launch XBMC.

Xbox Video Capabilities

– DVD and DVD HD
– Xvid & DiVX in H264 VFW (Max Resolution of 960 x 400) and Sound rendered in AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1 Format
– Some 720p HD films in AVI


XBMC History

XBMC was originally intended for the Xbox, and was short for XBox Media Center.  After XBMC had been on Xbox for awhile, developers ported XBMC to the PC.  This was a huge step in the advancement / development / “evolution” of Xbox Media Centre.

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