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Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in Fire TV & FireStick, Gaming, How To, Install Guides, Kodi, Kodi Fire TV News, PC, Smartphones, Sports, Streaming, Tech | 0 comments

How to Install TV Addons in Kodi

How to Install TV Addons in Kodi

After you install Kodi on your FireTV, this is How to Install TV Addons:

Check out our guide on How to Install TVAddons on Kodi

How to Install TVAddons in Kodi

There are at least 2 methods to install TV Addons on Kodi Firestick:  Method A (Config Wizard) and Method B (AddOn Installer).

Method A:  Install TV Addons with Config Wizard

To install TV Addons on FireTV using CONFIG WIZARD (“Method A”), go to:

  1. System > File Manager > Add Source
  2. Add as  Source and name it “fusion”.
  3. Go to Programs, Install from zip > “fusion”
  4. Go to the start-here folder, then install the config wizard zip file.
  5. Go to Programs > Config Wizard.
  6. Once you open Config Wizard, hit OK and it’ll download your TVaddons.  This is the step that will actually install TV Addons on your FireTV.  Once your TVaddons are installed, look underneath VIDEOS in Kodi and you’ll see great TVAddons installed like SALTS, The Royal We, Genesis, Phoenix, Velocity, and 1Channel.

*** Some users report that the “FireTV” option is not available for them in the Config Wizard.  If this is the case, or if the steps above don’t work for you, then try this instead:

Method B:  Install TV Addons with AddOn Installer

  1. Trouble with Config Wizard? Install TVAddons using the Add On Installer

    Trouble with Config Wizard? Install TVAddons using the Add On Installer

    Follow the steps above, but at Step 4, don’t install the Config Wizard zip file – install the Add On Installer zip file.

  2. Go to Programs > Add On Installer.
  3. Once you open AddOn Installer, go to Featured add-ons.  Then select the addons you wish to install (one-by-one).  We recommend Exodus, Phoenix, 1Channel, ChannelPEAR and other addons you can find on our list of the best Kodi addons.

This method for installing Kodi TVAddons on FireStick should work around any Config Wizard issues you may have.  The fact is the Config Wizard pretty much just installs the best TVAddons.  So you can do that yourself using this second method – just install the TV addons you want individually!

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