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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Fire TV & FireStick, How To, Install Guides, Kodi, Kodi Fire TV News, Smartphones, Tech, Videos | 2 comments

Install Kodi on Fire TV With iPhone or iPad in 10 Minutes or Less [VIDEO]

Many Fire TV users are unable to install Kodi on Firestick / Fire TV because they don’t have an Android phone to sideload Kodi natively, and they don’t have a computer to use ADBLink to install Kodi.  If you’re one of these iOS users who needs to install Kodi on FireTV with iPhone or iPad, keep reading!

What’s Needed to Install Kodi on Firestick Using iPhone or iPad?

How Do I Install Kodi On FireStick / FireTV with iPhone or iPad?

Watch The Video:

or use our..

Step-By-Step Guide to Install Kodi on FireTV with iPhone:

  1. Enable ADB debugging & apps from unknown sources in Fire TV Settings
  2. InstallSideloader for Fire TV” app on your iPhone or iPad (the app costs $1.99)
  3. Download the Kodi .APK file onto your iPhone (go to and click ARM underneath the Android icon)
    1. Direct Download Link (Full link):
    2. Direct Download Link (Shortlink):
  4. Launch the Sideloader for Fire TV app on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Enter your FireTV‘s IP address into the Settings > Manual IP Address area of the Sideloader for Fire TV app
    1. You can also try “Select Fire TV Device” to have it try to find your FireTV’s IP address automatically
    2. To manually find your Fire TV’s IP address, using your Fire TV remote go to Settings on your Firestick / Fire TV, then About, then Network.  You’ll see “IP Address:  192.168.Something.Something”.  This is the IP address you need to enter into the Sideloader for Fire TV iPhone app.
  6. Select the .APK file you downloaded in Step 3, then click Send APK.  At this point, the APK file should transfer over to your FireTV and install (aka “sideloading”).  If everything goes correctly, you should see a notification on your Fire TV screen saying Kodi Installed.  If so, go to the Apps area of your Fire TV’s homescreen, then you should see Kodi.  Select Kodi and hit Launch!
  7. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Install TVAddons (Video) (Written guide)
  8. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Unblock TV addons (Written guide) with IPVanish.

How to Install TV Addons in Kodi:

Common Issues Installing Kodi on Fire TV With iPhone

  • Unable to connect to Fire TV
    • Usually this issue occurs when there’s some network problem.  Usually when this happens, you need to check to make sure your FireTV is on the same wifi network as your iPhone / iPad.  You should also reboot your router, check your IP address, and try again.
  • Sideloader app stuck on “Installing..”
    • If this happens, reboot your phone, your Fire TV, and your router.  Try again.


If you have issues, watch our YouTube videos to see more ways to install Kodi on FireTV.

Online privacy quiz (5 points, from KFireTV Admin)

Q: True or False - Your IP Address is:

A: Not sure? Find out here. If you didn't know the answer, then your online identity is at risk - and you should immediately protect yourself with a Secure VPN. This will also unblock Kodi add-ons and International TV channels, enable anonymous surfing, automate data encryption, and prevent third-party data snooping.

P.S. Take 60% off (for my beloved KFireTV visitors only).

Cheers -Ian


  1. I do not see the sidwloader fir firetv app. Is there anither one i can use?

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