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Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in How To, Kodi Fire TV News | 19 comments

Emulators for Fire TV Stick AND Games

Fire TV Emulator Quick-Jump Links:

(Jump to the main areas of this article quickly ;)

 How to Install Emulators for Fire TV

 List of Emulators for Fire TV

 List of Games for Fire TV Emulators

VIDEO: How to Install & Play Mario Kart 64 on Firestick & Fire TV

(See video at the top of this post)

VIDEO: How to Sideload Kodi (or ANY app) to Firestick

You’ll need to use this video to Sideload ES File Explorer (the app) to your Firestick.  This video actually shows you how to sideload KODI – but you can use this same process to sideload ES File Explorer instead.

After you sideload ES File Explorer to your Fire TV, you can then follow the steps in the “Install Mario Kart 64” Video above. Cheers.

How to Install Emulators on Fire TV Stick

  • iOS users try the Sideloader for Fire TV app on iTunes (which is cheaper than buying an Android phone to sideload your apps).
  1. Install RetroArch on your Android phone
    1. Alternatively, you can install individual emulators, such as:
      1. Mupen64Plus for Nintendo 64 games (see all emulators below)
      2. SNES9x for Super Nintendo games (see all emulators below)
  2. Install AGK Fire on your Android phone
  3. On your Android phone, open AGK Fire, enter your Firestick’s IP address into AGK Fire, and then click on RetroArch in your list of apps.  Then press “Install on XX.XX.XX.XX”.  This will sideload Retroarch (or other emulator) to your Fire TV.
  4. On your FireTV, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Downloaded Applications > RetroArch > Open.
  5. In RetroArch, go to “Load Content (Detect Core)”, then browse to the folder on your FireTV where your games are stored.  RetroArch contains all the emulators for Fire TV you’ll ever need (Nintendo 64, SNES, Sega, PSP, PSX, etc – see full list of Emulators for Fire TV below.)
Looking for ROMs?  We don’t have theme here.  But we can tell you that search engines are usually the best way to find things on the Internets.  See for that kind of thing.

Or better yet – you could buy the actual Super Mario Kart for SNES game cartridge from Amazon for $37.

Best Emulators for Fire TV:


N64 Emulators


Download APK


Download APK

N64 Games

Starfox 64
Mario Kart 64

Buy Console

$44 on Amazon


SNES Emulators


Download APK


ALL known SNES ROMs are compatible with FireTV!

Buy Console

$45 on Amazon


PS1 Emulators


Download APK

PS1 Games


Buy Console

$21 on Amazon


GBA Emulators

My Boy (Free Edition)

Download APK

GBA Games

All known GBA Games are compatible with Fire TV

Buy Console

$22 on Amazon


NES Emulators


Download APK

NES Games

All known NES Games are compatible with FireStick and FireTV

Buy Console

$102 on Amazon


Multi-Platform Emulators


Download APK

Systems Emulated:

NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PSP, GBA, MAME, and more.


MAME Emulators


Download APK

MAME Games

Too many to list here. See for a list of MAME games for FireTV.


Dreamcast Emulators


Download APK

Dreamcast Games

Too many to list.


PSP Emulators


Download APK

PSP Games

Too many to list.


Sega Emulators


Download APK

Systems Emulated:

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CD, and Master System/Mark III

Sega Games

Too many to list.

Emulators for Fire TV

Fire TV Emulators and green dinosaurs work nicely together

SNES Bluetooth controller used with emulators for fire tv

This SNES Bluetooth controller would be pretty sweet with a side of Mario Kart, right?


Best ‘Other‘ Systems Emulated by FireStick

The Fire TV emulator info in this section was provided by atone.  Thanks atone!

This is our list of the best “other” retro gaming consoles that FireStick / FireTV can emulate well.  Check them out – download some APKs, and start gaming!

There are at least a few more interesting classic game emulators that work well on the FireStick / FireTV, but these are the best ones.

Best Emulators that are NOT playable or possible with a FireTV

  • GamecubeDolphin
  • PS2 (Playstation 2), PS3 (Playstation 3), PS4 (Playstation 4)
  • Future pinball & VisualPinmame
  • Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • ..and multiplayer capability in some emulators eg. AmigaUAE4all, Atari 5200, C64,a few others.

N64_iconDo N64 Games Play on FireTV?

This is a 2-part answer:  Most of them – No.  Some of them – Yes.

Why Do Most N64 Games Not Play Well on FireStick?

The Nintendo 64 had some pretty decent graphics which are difficult to render at any acceptable speed on a FireStick.  Therefore, some Nintendo 64 games work on FireTV and most do not.  One of the games we tested that did work quite well (to our pleasant surprise) was Mario Kart 64.  I was able to actually play the game with an OUYA Wireless Controller.

How to Improve FireStick Emulator Performance

Since the N64 actually had a decent graphics rendering platform, it’s tough to get FireStick to play some N64 games.  You can do a thing or two to maximize the performance you get from your FireTV to make sure your games play as fast as they can.  Keep reading to find out how.

The FireStick running N64 emulators will produce lots of heat.  So you may want to use a USB mini fan to blow some of the heat away from the FireTV unit.  If you don’t use a fan, your FireStick could constantly be overheating, which results in very poor performance and sometimes complete failure / resetting of the unit.

N64 Games that DO work with Emulators for Fire TV:

We tested a few handfuls of N64 games on the FireTV stick using the RetroArch emulator.  These are the ones that worked.  Most notably, Mario Kart 64 worked!

  • MarioKart64 (works well – audio stutters occasionally)
    • This favorite will actually play using RetroArch on a FireStick.
  • Starfox64 (works well – jitters occasionally)
  • Duke Nukem 64 (audio jitters occasionally, but framerate is fast)
  • Bomberman Hero (Seems slow, but works!)
  • Yoshi’s Story (Audio jitters, but game is playable)

N64 Games that do NOT work with Emulators for Fire TV:

  • Bomberman The Second Attack (Won’t start)
  • Diddy Kong Racing (Won’t start)
  • Mario Party (Too slow)
  • Mario Party 2 (Too slow)
  • Super Smash Bros (FPS too low)
  • Goldeneye (FPS too low)
  • Bomberman 64 (Does not start)
  • Blast Corps – Exits the ROM using Mupen64plus

Need a Game Controller for Fire TV?

Check out our Fire TV Game Controller Compatibility Guide.

Honorable Mentions for Kodi FireTV Emulators:

Additional Resources for Emulators for Fire TV:

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A: Not sure? Find out here. If you didn't know the answer, then your online identity is at risk - and you should immediately protect yourself with a Secure VPN. This will also unblock Kodi add-ons and International TV channels, enable anonymous surfing, automate data encryption, and prevent third-party data snooping.

P.S. Take 60% off (for my beloved KFireTV visitors only).

Cheers -Ian


  1. I have all the emulators listed above plus a few more installed on my firetv 1st gen. They all work reasonably well!
    The other emulators I have are mostly less popular systems – NintendoDS DrasticDS, TurboGFX16 PCE.emu, C64.emu, Amiga UAE4all2, Ataroid2600, Atari5200 jxd a5200, Atari7800 jxd a7800. And Retroarch can run some SegaGenesis32x games like StarWarsArcade32x.
    There’s probably a few more interesting game emulators, but these are the best ones.

    Best Emulators that are “not” playable or possible with a Firetv: GamecubeDolphin, PS2, Future pinball & VisualPinmame, and multiplayer capability in some emulators eg. AmigaUAE4all, Atari 5200, C64,a few others.

    • Thank you for the high quality input!

      We will add these to our list here and check them out on our FireTVs as well.

    • Hi Atone. Where can I download the Fire TV emulators for the Atair 5200 and the 7800? I had no luck finding them. Thanks.

  2. Can you install RetroArch through ES File Explorer? If so how?

    • Hi Miked,

      We haven’t tried yet, but we did make a page for you (and others) to try it with:

      You can add that URL in ES File Explorer as a Favorite, then use the download button on that page to try downloading the RetroArch APK file directly to your FireTV / FireStick. There are some instructions on the page.

      Hope this works – please let us know!

      Thanks Miked!

  3. Total noob and old man here, so I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I have successfully installed RetroArch and other emulators onto my Fire TV, but where I’m struggling is with the ROMS. I have many ROMS on my laptop but can’t figure out how to sideload them to the Fire TV or otherwise move them from the laptop to the Fire TV. Any help for the non-savvy?

    • Hello spiderdan,

      I’ve had good results with using ES File Explorer’s ability to add a Dropbox account/folder. Then you just put your ROMs in your dropbox, open ES File Explorer’s dropbox area, and Download your ROMs from your Dropbox onto your Firestick. You may even be able to load (“Open”) the ROMs directly from the dropbox folder (if ES File Explorer maps it to a folder).

      Another way I’ve easily transferred files to the Firestick is by using ADBLink (formerly ADBFire) if you have a PC ( or Mac. You basically connect your PC to the same WiFi network as your Firestick, open ADBLink and add your Firestick’s IP address as a new device, hit Connect, then use the “Push File” feature.

      If you can sideload a WiFi file transfer app or a Bluetooth file transfer app onto the Firestick, that might work too.

      Hope this helps! If not, let me know and we’ll figure it out!

    • Hallo Florian,

      Sehr gut. Danke!

  4. HI

    I’ve got mupen64 on the fire tv and two tronsmart mars g01 controllers but how do enable multiplayer option ?

    Many thanks

    • Hi James! I haven’t tried those controllers yet, but I did get two of the Nyko Playpad Pro controllers to play multiplayer Mario Kart.

      The multiplayer ability is definitely present in the Emulators (since I’ve done it myself), but is sometimes restricted by the controller.

      So I’m not sure about those controllers… sorry, James! Thanks

  5. Is there any remedy for the input lag in retroarch and the snes30? I know of the Mario games has issues buy have noticed it in others.

    • Hi Markus,

      I found the info below at . Hope this helps! If it works or doesn’t work, please let me know either way. Thanks

      RetroArch recently got an option to use a swap/fence sync method in OpenGL driver, which is reported to greatly lower input latency (thread). To enable it, set video_hard_sync = true in config or enable it from RGUI. To ensure that this sync method is actually used, make sure that you see this in the log:

      RetroArch: Querying GL extension: ARB_sync => exists
      RetroArch: [GL]: Using ARB_sync to reduce latency.

      Do note that this sync method can greatly reduce performance, and can turn smooth 60 fps into crawling 30 fps if there was not enough headroom in the performance.

  6. Hi- Great video. I downloaded the mupen64 and it opens and all. I just don’t understand how move my rom zip files from the cloud I connected in ES esxplorer to me download folder so Mupen can find them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Pete,

      You should be able to copy your rom zip files from your cloud storage to your Fire TV’s “download” folder using ES File Explorer. Then you can use Mupen64 to Load the rom zip file that you copied to your Fire TV’s “download” folder.

  7. this app video is too good

    • Thanks Donald!

  8. So does the ps4 dualshock only work with emulators and not amazon games on the Firestick?

    • It should work with both! Although I haven’t tested it personally.

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