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Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Kodi Fire TV News, Streaming, Tech | 0 comments

Best Apps for Apple TV (4th Generation)

Best Apps for Apple TV (4th Generation)

Apple TV has long been one of the strongest competitors in the streaming set top box arena.  This is for good reason: it delivers.  You can install plenty of apps on the little bugger, which is why we gathered the best apps for Apple TV (4th Generation model specifically).

Top 7 Best Apps for Apple TV 4

Our list starts with AirVideo HD, which lets you stream your media from a Windows PC to your Apple TV 4.  We finish our list off with Pluto TV, which offers a more real-to-TV feel with their “channels”.

  • AirVideo HD
    • Provides a “Server” for Windows PCs so you can stream your media to your Apple TV, even from your Windows PC
  • BingeWatch for Reddit
    • This is a Reddit client for AppleTV.  You can browse reddit with your Apple TV, watch the best popular videos or find a subreddit to binge-watch.
      * This Apple TV 4 app is the most useful for users and for those of us that use reddit to watch cat videos on Youtube.
  • Channels
    • Channels is a streaming app you should definitely check out.  See this screenshot:

      Channels:  The best of apps for Apple TV 4th Gen

      Channels: One of the best apps for Apple TV 4

  • Infuse
  • MrMC
  • Plex
    • Plex is an amazing 3rd Party app for Apple TV 4 which allows you to stream your movies (even HD!) from your laptop/PC to your Apple TV.  This one is definitely worth checking out, is multi-platform, and is possibly not just one of the best apps for Apple TV, but the best app for Apple TV streaming – period.
  • Pluto TV
    • Gives you “channels” to watch.  This service is aimed at cord-cutters who’d like to replace their TV with something cheap or free and still have “channels” to watch.

Alternatives to Apple TV

Fortunately with the apps above, we have a nice selection of Apple TV 4 apps to choose from.  Although even with the best apps for Apple TV, there are still some gaps to fill when compared to a FireStick with Kodi.

This is why Kodi + FireStick remains the champion for cheap, full-access streaming TV.

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Cheers -Ian

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